Stan Getz & Joao Giliberto “Getz/Giliberto” (1964)

     After several days of emerging blockbusters from some of the most widely celebrated artists of the 20th century, we return to the late-night mellow vibe of evolving jazz.  Today’s album, “Getz/Gilberto”, performed by the combination of American saxophone player Stan Getz and Brazilian guitarist Joao Giliberto, with help from composer and pianist Antonio Carlos Jobim, is the 3rd rated album on the Top 10 Jazz Albums of All Time by

     “Getz/Giliberto” is definitely a different sound of jazz, a very sultry and smokey sound that most likely presents this unique sound as a by-product of the varied cultural backgrounds of the artists.  If you can transport yourself to a softly lit loft full of warmth and groove, this is the soundtrack for you.  Even if you think you may not know this album, and I initially put myself in that category, I guarantee all of you have heard the lead song, “The Girl from Ipanema”.  I found this entire album, including this great song, to be very soothing and easy to listen to as I pushed through another day in my virtual office.  With less of a horn ensemble focus as classic jazz legends like Miles Davis or John Coltrane, perhaps this is what some refer to as “smooth jazz”.  I won’t get hung up on the label, I just really enjoyed the entire album.

     Like the rest of this journey, it is great to hear this genre evolve and remain relevant and significant while the world around it was exploding with change and turmoil.  It is easy to understand why jazz offers such sanctuary to those who seek a subtle accompaniment to get them through the ups and downs of daily life.

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