Boston “Boston” (1976)

     I have been looking forward to today’s album, as I consider it to be very unique for one notable reason.  In my years of listening to rock music, I can’t think of any other record besides this one, where every single song, without exception, is broadly played and recognized in radio rotation.  The debutContinue reading “Boston “Boston” (1976)”

Rush “2112” (1976)

     Today is an extension of the progressive sounds from yesterday’s album, “Presence” by Led Zeppelin, with the corresponding release of “2112” by Rush.  There are definitely some similarities between “Achilles Last Stand” and the “2112 Overture”.  In both cases, the instrumental performances are phenomenal, particularly the drumming, and the fantasy-based themes are also similar,Continue reading “Rush “2112” (1976)”

The Doobie Brothers “Takin’ It to the Streets” (1976)

     A significant milestone is reached today with the Doobie Brothers and their album “Takin’ It to the Streets”.  Why you ask, is this significant?  It was the first album vocalist and keyboardist Michael McDonald joined the band on, after helping to fill in for the ailing Tom Johnston on a previous tour.  For mostContinue reading “The Doobie Brothers “Takin’ It to the Streets” (1976)”


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