After taking a few days to reflect and look back on the experience of writing this blog, there is so much for me to be grateful for, and so many people I have to thank for my life in music.  I will tackle all of that today.  I didn’t know exactly what to expectContinue reading “CODA”

Danny Elfman “Big Mess” & Hans Zimmer “The Art and Soul of Dune” (2021)

     My friend David is one of a kind.  He is one of the most unique people I have ever met, but even more so, he is one of the kindest, most selfless, and genuinely good people I have ever encountered.  I discussed him previously when we listened to Oingo Boingo, and as a fellowContinue reading “Danny Elfman “Big Mess” & Hans Zimmer “The Art and Soul of Dune” (2021)”

The Struts “Strange Days” & The Foo Fighters “Dee Gees – Hail Satin” (2021)

     As you may recall, I left the last few album slots open for 2021 & 2022 releases that didn’t even exist when I started writing this blog.  To be consistent, I included the 2021 best seller (Adele and her record “30”) and another personal favorite of mine and will also include whatever is theContinue reading “The Struts “Strange Days” & The Foo Fighters “Dee Gees – Hail Satin” (2021)”


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