The Beatles “Help!”… Part Two (1965)

I realized there are two other key observations I somehow excluded from my first post. First, “You’re Going To Lose That Girl” is my other absolute favorite song on this album. From a style perspective, I feel like this song would have fit better on “A Hard Day’s Night”, as it is a classic Lennon lead with Paul and George with their typically phenomenal harmony backing vocals. It is very reminiscent of “You Can’t Do That”, and most likely an all-time Top 10 Beatles song for me.

Secondly, I think it is worth noting this is yet another Beatles album that ends with a rousing Lennon cover. In this case, it is “Dizzy Miss Lizzy”, originally written and performed by Larry Williams in 1958. Even as they expanded their creative range in many directions, they still had the ability and the willingness to transport themselves back to the Cavern Club, back when they were a young and hungry rock and roll band working to master their craft.

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