Patti Smith “Horses” (1975)

    As we get closer to the explosion of punk rock, we encounter the debut album of Patti Smith, and her highly acclaimed album, “Horses”.  This album is rated #26 on Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.  I did give this record multiple listens, but unlike some of the other avant-garde albums like The Velvet Underground, I never really warmed up to this release.

     The record opens on an interesting note with “Gloria: In Excelsis Dio”, which blends in Smith’s own composition with Van Morrison’s “Gloria”.  I do like the creativity and enjoyed this approach, and there is a certain flatness to her voice that is not unlike Van Morrison.  I love the title of the next song, “Redondo Beach”, as my dad lived there for several years when I was a young boy, so I have great memories of that California beach town.  The song itself wasn’t quite as memorable.

    I would say my favorite song is “Kimberly”, and there is a woeful angst to the song “Break It Up” that I appreciate.  The music and chord structures and songwriting are well-done, and I can understand why this album represents another important step forward in this genre, but there just wasn’t enough of an appealing hook to really grab my attention.

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