David Bowie “Station to Station” (1976)

     Today brings another highly acclaimed David Bowie album, with the release of “Station to Station”.  This album is an interesting mix of songs, and is rated fairly high, at #52 on Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.  I don’t think I see it quite as favorably, although there are some high points.

     The album opens with the ten-minute title track, which feels a little bit like the “Abbey Road” medley as a collection of mini-songs strung together.  The core of the song starts with a really funky riff that I love, and Bowie’s unique vocals compliment the song nicely.  I’m not sure there are ten minutes of purpose in this song, but I do like the core.  Next comes the one big hit single from the album “Golden Years”, a staple of his greatest hits, and certainly a great song.  I really liked the next song “Word on a Wing”, it has an unusual but beautiful medley, and is probably my favorite discovery on the record.

     “TVC15” comes next, and to me, this sounds like David Bowie copying David Byrne, which is highly unlikely in 1976, so I guess I will have to ask, who influenced who?  It is a great song that really grows on you.  The last two songs aren’t quite as interesting to me, but overall, this is another creative Bowie album he managed to pull together at the height of his drug addiction.  I certainly marvel at his ability to write, perform, and deliver this kind of content while mired in that struggle.

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