The Abyssinians “Satta Massagana” (1976)

     Another unique twist on reggae music today, and I think this may be the first reggae album I have listened to during this experience away from the beach.  Waking up to 37-degree temperatures didn’t naturally feel like it was reggae time, but fortunately the sun came out, and I was able to fully enjoy today’s album from The Abyssinians.  Like most of these acts, this group hails from Jamaica, and their record “Satta Massagana”, which loosely translated in the Amharic language means “He Gave Praise”, is the #7 reggae album as rated by 

     I really enjoyed this record, as I have all of the new reggae exposures, and even though I may have said this before, and I know my son has said to me, it is great to hear this genre beyond the boundaries of Bob Marley, no matter how great and influential he was.  This is definitely an upbeat and spiritual album, with a steady dose of beautiful backing harmonies that really enrich the sound.  I can’t say that any song stood out above the others, although the title track, as well as “Peculiar Number” and “Declaration of Rights” are three of my favorites.  Singing the praises of God, or Jah, as followed passionately by the Rastafarians, with a notable focus on the connection back to Africa and the Promised Land.  “Know Jah Today”, “Forward Unto Zion”, “Black Man’s Strain” and “African Race” all directly connect and expand on this message.

     The music is very peaceful and relaxing no matter my locale, and it has been a welcome and warm insertion to an otherwise cool day.  The vocals are particularly appealing on this album, with less of a rough edge than some of their peers, and I look forward to adding several of these songs to my ocean playlist and master playlist to revisit frequently,

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