The Misfits “Walk Among Us” (1982)

     You learn something new today, and for me, today’s fun fact is that before he formed his own self-named band heavy metal band Danzig, Glenn Danzig was and still is the lead vocalist and primary influence for the American punk rock band The Misfits.  Their debut album, “Walk Among Us”, is the #9 rated punk rock album of all time as rated by  While the two genres aren’t quite as distinct as something like being a bluegrass and hip-hop artist, it is still an impressive bridge nonetheless.

     “Walk Among Us” is pretty standard-fare punk rock of the era.  Most of the songs are fast, intense and short bursts of energy.  I will say that they have some great song titles.  Among my favorites are “Nike-A-Go-Go”, “Hatebreeders”, “Devils Whorehouse”, “Astro Zombies”, “Braineaters”, and my #1 favorite song title, “Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight”, which is also the only live track on the album. 

     To be fair, my favorite song on this album is definitely “Astro Zombies”.  There is a more melodic feel, it sounds very Ramones-esque.  “Braineaters”, which is only 0:56 long, also has a bit of a beer-pub soccer match singalong feel to it as well, which I like.  The rest of the album is pretty consistent.  If you like your rock music fast, aggressive and filled with themes of horror scenes and destruction, then this is your record.  Like many of the acts of this era, I think I would have enjoyed seeing them live, even if I would probably be standing far away behind the mosh pit.  I’m a lover, not a fighter.

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