The Fixx “Reach the Beach” (1983)

     Today’s album was a pleasant surprise, as I listened to “Reach the Beach” by the British new-wave band, the Fixx.  There have been two songs by the band I have always loved, both of which are on this record, but it was nice to discover how much I enjoyed this entire album.  The Fixx is one of those bands that was always around in the ‘80s, and had more hits than I remembered, but one I had never researched or looked into in any way, until now.

     The album opens with “One Thing Leads To Another”, which has always been my favorite song by the band.  It has a great, driving tempo, and I love both the lyrics and musical components of the song.  Definitely one of my favorite hits from that era and genre.  Next up comes “The Sign of Fire”.  It is another great song, and as the 3rd single from the album, it is on that cusp of familiarity where I thought I had heard it before, but wasn’t immediately sure.  Two songs later we have the 1st single from the record, and the other well-known hit, “Saved by Zero”.  This song has a mellow groove, and overall, this song and this band reminds me a lot of Roxy Music and the Psychedelic Furs.  As much as I like this record, I may have to dig further into their catalog as well as the comparative acts I just cited.

     I always love it when I hear new songs (to me, at least) that I really love and want to add to my playlist.  We have two of these on this record.  The title track is funky by British new-wave standards, and I also really love the track “Liner”.  The entire record is consistently strong, and the voice of Cy Curnin is classic new-wave at its finest.  This was a good one…

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