Pantera “Vulgar Display of Power” (1992)

     One of the most important components of listening to all of these albums is making sure I give them sufficient consideration.  While some albums grab your interest from the beginning, others are more of an acquired taste.  That is definitely how I would label today’s record, “Vulgar Display of Power” by Pantera.  Taking another step down the path of intense metal music, this album is the #5 rated metal album of all time on My first reaction was that this metal was just a bit too heavy for my tastes, but it absolutely grew on me over the course of several additional listens.

     With the legendary Dimebag Darrell on guitar, his brother Vinnie Paul on drums, and the rough growl of Phil Anselmo on vocals, Pantera delivers a record full of anger, intimidation, and fury.  “Mouth for War” kicks things off, and there really isn’t a break from the fire anywhere on this record.  For me personally, some of the vocals are just a little too far removed from melody, but the more I listen to this record, the more I enjoyed the wallop of song after song.  My favorite song on this record is the militant command of “Walk”.  I think this one will be a good add to my running playlist, as I don’t think anyone can sit back and take it easy during this track.

     I did have to sit back and think for some time during the song “Fucking Hostile”.  As it surged into the chorus, through the roaring I heard a chord sequence I knew well, but couldn’t place where I had heard it before.  After several times through it, I finally pulled it from mid-air… these are the same chords as “Heard It On the X”.  I don’t think anyone will confuse Pantera with ZZ Top, but it was good to hear one more common thread through all of the music I have enjoyed along the way.

     Most days, Pantera is probably going to be a bit more anger than I need, but given the right mix of traffic, long lines and annoying people, it will work perfectly as mood music. 

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