Adele “30” (2021)

     As I committed when I began this journey, one of the albums that would be added to the list was the #1 selling album of 2021, which proved to be “30” by Adele.  I can’t say I was jumping for joy at the prospect of another album from Adele, and while again, she is a very talented vocalist and songwriter, it just isn’t my cup of tea.

     In Orlando, there is a radio station that is 107.7, the beacon of Adult Contemporary music for as long as I have lived in Florida.  I can’t even imagine how much airplay the Adele catalog gets there, and this album is no exception.  I hate saying this, but it is like I’m listening to some hybrid of Kenny G, Michael Bolton, and post-modern Bonnie Raitt.  There isn’t a single song on the album that I have any desire to go back and listen to again, although I will give her credit for trying to add a little tempo and variety to the format.

     At it’s best, there are songs like the biggest hit from the album, “Easy On Me”, which is probably as close as I will come to liking one of these tracks.  On the more challenging side, we have a typically depressing Adele song like “My Little Love”, complete with this emotional and overcooked monologue at the end of the song.  I’m sure this makes me sound crass and insensitive, but it just is not that easy or enjoyable to listen to. 

     At the very bottom of the barrel, we have “To Be Loved”, which is truly as abrasive and annoying as just about any Michael Bolton song.  I’m sorry for all of the Adele fans out there, but this song is brutal.

     One more time… she’s an amazing singer.  She’s a gifted songwriter and an incredibly successful artist.  I just don’t find that her music grabs my attention in any way, which is fine for both her and me, as most of the civilized world out there clearly disagrees with me… and I’m OK with that.

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