Dumpstaphunk “Where Do We Go From Here” (2021)

     One obvious outcome from this experience is my demonstrated love for music, especially funk music, from New Orleans.  There are many artists who have advanced this genre, and the core of my enthusiasm centers around the Meters and the Neville Brothers, and their common link, Art “Poppa Funk” Neville.  Even though Poppa Funk hasContinue reading “Dumpstaphunk “Where Do We Go From Here” (2021)”

Oh He Dead “Oh He Dead” (2019) & “Bottle It Up” (2021)

     There are many different ways to appreciate live music.  Most of the time, we seek out an artist we know and appreciate, and we painstakingly plan (and pay) for their concert.  With time, age, and experience, I have learned there are other factors that can make a night of music magical besides a familiarContinue reading “Oh He Dead “Oh He Dead” (2019) & “Bottle It Up” (2021)”

AC/DC “Power Up” (2020)

     The last few years leading up to 2020 had been a rough ride for AC/DC.  Band founder and leader Malcolm Young was diagnosed with early-stage dementia in 2014, and ultimately passed away in 2017, leaving his brother Angus alone and in charge to lead the band.  Compounding that tragedy was the not-surprising hearing lossContinue reading “AC/DC “Power Up” (2020)”

Taylor Swift “Folklore” (2020)

     Today we have another Taylor Swift album, but in the spirit of artist diversity, “Folklore” released in the depth of the pandemic in 2020, is a respected and appreciated change of pace for this creative songwriter and performer.  Like many performers, and certainly the rest of us, her plans for 2020 were turned upsideContinue reading “Taylor Swift “Folklore” (2020)”

The Zumbyes “To My Left” (2019) & “Tender Time” (2020)

     Today is certainly a unique blog for me to write, but one I have greatly anticipated since this journey began.  As much as I love all the music I have listened to on this list, that connection obviously runs deeper when your own son shows up on the list.  Watching and listening to himContinue reading “The Zumbyes “To My Left” (2019) & “Tender Time” (2020)”

Post Malone “Hollywood’s Bleeding” (2019)

     One of the best examples of “You can’t judge a book by its cover”, or least, I can’t judge a book by its cover, is Post Malone.  His appearance, complete with lots of face ink (and everywhere else), led me to believe his sound was pretty hard-edged, and perhaps some of it is, butContinue reading “Post Malone “Hollywood’s Bleeding” (2019)”


     Today is my day to write about one of the youngest performers on this list, Billie Eilish and her debut album, “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?”.  This remarkable talent reached #397 on Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Greatest Albums of All Time with this debut, which was recorded in a bedroomContinue reading “Billie Eilish “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” (2019)”

The Struts “Young & Dangerous” (2018)

     By now, we have established that the British glam rock act the Struts is my favorite contemporary act.  No other band blends new with old quite like they do, and certainly not with the flair and drama Luke Spiller and the band brings to the stage every night.  Best experienced in a live setting,Continue reading “The Struts “Young & Dangerous” (2018)”