Rodriguez “Cold Fact” (1970)

     I don’t know about most of you, but before I saw the movie “Searching for Sugarman”, I had never heard of Detroit folk-rock singer Sixto Rodriguez, who recorded and performed, simply as Rodriguez.  Now before you run off to Google to look him up, I will warn you now.  His sad, fascinating and intriguingContinue reading “Rodriguez “Cold Fact” (1970)”

The Who “Live at Leeds” (1970)

     Another day of hard-rocking power chords, we revisit the live album for one of the most celebrated live albums in rock music history.  Fresh off their success with the rock opera “Tommy”, The Who set out to record a live album to reinforce their ability to be relevant and vital as a live act,Continue reading “The Who “Live at Leeds” (1970)”

Black Sabbath “Black Sabbath” (1970)

     1970 brings us what I consider to be one of the first, if not the first, origins of heavy metal.  We feature today, the debut of Black Sabbath, aptly named “Black Sabbath”.  Not only is this album #355 on Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Greatest Album of All Time, it is #1 on’s TopContinue reading “Black Sabbath “Black Sabbath” (1970)”

The Doors “Morrison Hotel” (1970)

     You may recall that the last Doors album, “The Soft Parade”, featuring songs like “Touch Me”, was a pretty notable departure from their rock and roll roots.  Today’s album, “Morrison Hotel” brings us back to that place, with a good dose of blues rock injected as well.  Some of their very best guitar-based songsContinue reading “The Doors “Morrison Hotel” (1970)”

James Taylor “Sweet Baby James” (1970)

     Synonymous with the early 1970s is the singer-songwriter, whether it be guitar or piano based.  Today we encounter one of the best ever, James Taylor, on his second album, “Sweet Baby James”.  Well received, this album is rated #182 on Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.      Like most of hisContinue reading “James Taylor “Sweet Baby James” (1970)”

Van Morrison “Moondance” (1970)

     Today we come back to Van Morrison for his next released album, “Moondance”.  This album was recorded and structured for a greater commercial appeal than the highly regarded “Astral Weeks”, and he was definitely successful with that goal.  This album is rated #120 on Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.  AsContinue reading “Van Morrison “Moondance” (1970)”

Simon & Garfunkel “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (1970)

     The 1970s kick off with one of the most successful duos of the 1960s, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.  Despite growing differences and conflict between the two that ultimately led to their dissolution as an act not long after this album was released, they recorded and released what I and most others consider toContinue reading “Simon & Garfunkel “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (1970)”

The Meters “Looka Py Py” (1969)

     One more album slipped in under the wire before I move forward to 1970.  In late 1969, New Orleans funk masters The Meters released their second album, “Looka Py Py”.  Like their first album, this is another instrumental collection of Louisiana funk that really hits the mark.  It is rated as album #415 onContinue reading “The Meters “Looka Py Py” (1969)”

The Rolling Stones “Let It Bleed” (1969)

     Here we are at the end of the 1960s, the last album I have listened to from this remarkable decade of musical transformation and evolution.  Every decade has its moments of greatness, but I don’t know if anything will ever match the cultural and musical revolution of the 1960s.  We wrap up with aContinue reading “The Rolling Stones “Let It Bleed” (1969)”

Creedence Clearwater Revival “Willy and the Poor Boys” (1969)

     Nearing the end of 1969, we have our first encounter with another timeless act from that era, as well as another act who performed at Woodstock.  Today we look at the album “Willy and the Poor Boys” by Creedence Clearwater Revival.  This album, which was their fourth album released as this band (even thoughContinue reading “Creedence Clearwater Revival “Willy and the Poor Boys” (1969)”